Brid Lyons Ceramics

Sculptural ceramics with a life of their own. Inspired by the connections I observe between nature and art.

Note: if you are planning to visit my shop in Thomastown please telephone in advance to let me know.

Tools of the trade used by Brid Lyons Ceramics
Brid Lyons
Brid Lyons working at the pottery wheel
Brid Lyons signature

My speciality is original one-off sculptural pieces. This led to my range of sculptural busts, notably the 1920’s Ladies. These have been received with wide acclaim. They are widely sought after pieces, both in Ireland and Internationally.

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Sculptural Ceramics

NOTE: New Pieces Coming Soon

Crazy Lady sculptural ceramics by Brid Lyons

Shop | Crazy Ladies

1920's Ladies sculptural ceramics by Brid Lyons

Shop | 1920’s Ladies

Baby hands and feet prints by Brid Lyons

Baby Hands & Feet Prints

A memento of your child’s arrival into the world. A keepsake reminder of when they were small.

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